Ang: Re: [Stgt-devel] Re: [Iscsitarget-devel] stgt a new version of iscsi target?

Mike Christie michaelc at
Wed Dec 7 19:41:45 CET 2005

Ming Zhang wrote:
> my 2 cents
> most iscsi hba are still closed sourced, at least they only provide
> source code sdk to customers or oem developers. so it will be hard to
> integrate them unless their own engr do it.
> toe is not here, not in scsi domain. toe will be treated as NIC and use
> software iscsi target stack coming with stgt. nic is same thing here.
> fc/sas, or maybe old parallel scsi will integrate with stgt just like
> what qla + scst does now. 
> i remember Mike mentioned that he is working on a qla+stgt. also lsi

yeah I am working on the qla stuff now. I will try to post it next week.

> +stgt is claimed.

I have not had a lot of time to look into it. I looked at the source and 
asked their engineers some questions but that is it. Since I actually 
have a LSI FC card I was going to trying add support for it after qla 
(but maybe christoph or Tomo will beat me to it).

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