[Stgt-devel] Ideas on more flexible cd handling

Albert Pauw albert.pauw
Mon Nov 5 05:39:39 CET 2007

Mark Harvey wrote:
> Hi Albert,
> As far as I can remember, I have already added this support for to MMC device.
> You need to make sure you set the MMC device as 'removable'
> i.e. By combining the SMC with the MMC module, you can have a workable
> CD jukebox within the SCSI target framework.
> I'm been busy for the last couple of months with work related issues
> and have not really visited the code lately.
> Cheers
> Mark

Hi Mark,

it is set to removable, but I don't see the backing store change from 
the iso image to <null> or something. I'll have a look tonight to see 
what's happening using wireshark.


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