[Stgt-devel] tgt disk and cd target with Microsoft initiator

Albert Pauw albert.pauw
Tue Nov 13 10:11:49 CET 2007

> I have two targets using tgt, a disk target, and a cd target, both are 
> configured as LUN 1 on their target. The controller takes LUN 0.

> When I log into only one of them everything works, I either see a disk 
> or a cd depending on which I log into.
> The only problem is that I am bugged by this pesky controller (LUN 0) 
> for which there is no Microsoft driver of course, but
> Windows (XP in my case) wants this driver. So I let it ignore the 
> problem with no proper driver (the controllers has the yellow question 
> mark in the device manager).
> Apart from that it works.

> However, when I log into the disk target first, and then the CD target, 
> the disk disappears in the hardware manager under Windows,
> and the CD drive appears. Clicking on My Computer I see the CD coming 
> and going every second.

> So it looks like the two targets are mixed in some way.

I get the impression it's because both targets have a (for Windows 
unrecognisable) controller which looks to Windows the same controller.

> Can anyone confirm this behaviour?
> And is there a simple way to get rid of the controller LUN 0?

Maybe a 'hide' switch? This would make Windows a lot happier without 
asking for an unknow controller (ie. IET). With a bit of luck the weird 
behavior with the two targets mentioned above may be fixed as well.

> Albert

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