[stgt] state of ibmvio

Olaf Hering olh at suse.de
Thu Dec 4 13:29:33 CET 2008

On Thu, Dec 04, FUJITA Tomonori wrote:

> On Thu, 4 Dec 2008 10:38:53 +0100
> Olaf Hering <olh at suse.de> wrote:
> > 
> > What is the state of the ibmvio target? 
> > When did it work, does anyone still successfully use it?
> It worked. But seems that I broke user-space code. I've applied some
> fixes to the git tree. You need the latest user-space git tree:

I tried current git.
The client sees the exported disk with a 32bit tgtd binary, but not with
a 64bit binary.

> > + tgtadm --lld ibmvio --mode target --op bind --tid 1 --bus vio,30000003
> Are you sure '30000003' is appropriate for your system? I just asked
> because it's used in the example of README.

==> /sys/bus/vio/devices/30000000/name <==

==> /sys/bus/vio/devices/30000002/name <==

==> /sys/bus/vio/devices/30000003/name <==

==> /sys/bus/vio/devices/30000004/name <==

> > ...
> > Dec  4 10:27:33 pear kernel: scsi_tgt_uspace_send_cmd(128) tx buf is full, could not send
> Hmm, somehow the kernel can't send messages to user-space daemon
> (tgtd). tgtd is dead, wrong configuration, or some other reasons.

I think there is some 32bit/64bit confusion somewhere.

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