[stgt] [PATCH] show tgtd and tgtadm version

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Tue Dec 16 12:42:51 CET 2008

FUJITA Tomonori schrieb:


>> +#define TGT_VERSION "20081215"
> Well, this force me to update TGT_VERSION every time I apply a patch.

Yeah, that's a pain.

What could be other options?
Changing Makefile so that it uses git revision from 
tgt/.git/refs/heads/master automatically (for version)? They are quite 
hard to refer to for a casual user, i.e.: 

Some other ideas?

> How about using a real version number (such as 0.9.2) for TGT_VERSION
> (we don't use a version number like 20081215)?

Sure, if this very version was tagged like that.

But there are more commits in between:


And behaviour of tgtd/tgtadm may be different because of these single 

If I fetch the git now (last commit: "tgtadm: restore tgtadm bind option 
with bus"), should it really be versioned 0.9.2? It's different than 
0.9.2 from 2008-11-26, so it may lead to some confusion if the 
versioning is the same.

Usually, there are only few tgt commits every week and if we have more 
commits per day, they are made by one person, within one minute or so. 
So a YearMonthDay revision tag for everything which is not stable should 
be fine?

Or, to simplify, we could use a real version number for tagged releases 
(i.e., 0.9.2); anything later would be versioned with something like 
0.9.2+git to make clear it is later than 0.9.2, but not yet another 
tagged version.

Just some ideas... I'd like to know what versions of software I have 
installed where.

Tomasz Chmielewski
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