[Stgt-devel] Performance of SCST versus STGT

Erez Zilber erezz
Thu Jan 17 15:46:22 CET 2008

>> We didn't run any real performance test with tgt, so I don't have
>> numbers yet. I know that Pete got ~900 MB/sec by hacking sgp_dd, so all
>> data was read/written to the same block (so it was all done in the
>> cache). Pete - am I right?
>> As already mentioned, he got that with IB SDR cards that are 10 Gb/sec
>> cards in theory (actual speed is ~900 MB/sec). With DDR cards (20
>> Gb/sec), you can get even more. I plan to test that in the near future.
> Are you writing about a maximum possible speed which he got, including
> multithreded tests with many outstanding commands or about speed he
> got  on single threaded reads with one outstanding command? This
> thread is about the second one.

As I said, we didn't run any performance tests on stgt yet.


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