[Stgt-devel] [Ips] [ofa-general] Re: Calculating the VA iniSER header

Ken Sandars kensandars
Thu May 1 10:24:15 CEST 2008

>> [Ken] It appears the current Linux iSER initiator does not send the HELLO message when
>> the connection transits to full feature phase. The stgt target also ignores this
>> message (if it were to appear). 
[Ken] The IBTA document does not mention the HELLO/HELLOREPLY messages.
Implementing this message exchange gives a distinction between the current implementations
and those that will correctly calculate the write_va (as per Pete Wyckoff's option 3).

>> [Ken] Both of these implementations use a non-conformant iSER header (they add
>> write_va and read_va fields, which incidentally do not appear to be used). Are
>> these changes documented anywhere in the IB domain, or are these variations
>> needed for another reason?
> [Erez] Take a look at the iSER for IB annex:
> http://www.infinibandta.org/members/spec/Annex_iSER.PDF

[Ken] Ouch. That link requires a username/password. Looks like it is only available to members
of the Infiniband Trade Association. Fortunately I gained access to it with username "open" and
password "standard". ;-)

[Ken] Neither of these implementations send or examine the iSER CM REQ/REP message private
data. The document doesn't define what action to take when this message is absent. Interestingly,
when the target reports that "ZBVA shall be used for this connection" and "the target shall issue
Send with Invalidate as needed" then it appears the iSER header specified in RFC5046 should be
used for control-type PDUs. Is there any plan to conform with the list of requirements for IBTA


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