[Stgt-devel] [Ips] [ofa-general] Re: Calculating the VA iniSER header

Eli Dorfman dorfman.eli
Thu May 1 16:18:45 CEST 2008

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 11:24 AM, Ken Sandars <kensandars at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >> [Ken] It appears the current Linux iSER initiator does not send the HELLO
> message when
> >> the connection transits to full feature phase. The stgt target also
> ignores this
> >> message (if it were to appear).
> [Ken] The IBTA document does not mention the HELLO/HELLOREPLY messages.
> Implementing this message exchange gives a distinction between the current
> implementations
> and those that will correctly calculate the write_va (as per Pete Wyckoff's
> option 3).

I agree.

> >> [Ken] Both of these implementations use a non-conformant iSER header
> (they add
> >> write_va and read_va fields, which incidentally do not appear to be
> used). Are
> >> these changes documented anywhere in the IB domain, or are these
> variations
> >> needed for another reason?
> >
> > [Erez] Take a look at the iSER for IB annex:
> > http://www.infinibandta.org/members/spec/Annex_iSER.PDF
> [Ken] Ouch. That link requires a username/password. Looks like it is only
> available to members
> of the Infiniband Trade Association. Fortunately I gained access to it with
> username "open" and
> password "standard". ;-)
> [Ken] Neither of these implementations send or examine the iSER CM REQ/REP
> message private data.
> The document doesn't define what action to take when this message is
> absent. Interestingly,
> when the target reports that "ZBVA shall be used for this connection" and
> "the target shall issue
> Send with Invalidate as needed" then it appears the iSER header specified in
> RFC5046 should be
> used for control-type PDUs. Is there any plan to conform with the list of
> requirements for IBTA
> compliance?

At the moment these capabilities (ZBVA, Send Invalidate) are not
supported in the driver,
though they seem to be supported by the ConnectX HCA.
Hence, iSER implementation do not send/examine them.
This may be added to the CM REQ/REP with the current defaults but in
order to use these capabilities a code
should be added to the HCA driver and iser.

> Cheers,
> Ken
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