[stgt] stgtd 0.9.3 : Read-Errors using iser transport

Dr. Volker Jaenisch volker.jaenisch at inqbus.de
Thu Feb 19 17:33:06 CET 2009

Hi ,
Or Gerlitz schrieb:
> Dr. Volker Jaenisch wrote:
>> Bad news. I checked with version 0.9.0. The read errors are still occur but with
>> lower frequency. Seems there is a cofactor. May you please be so kind to reproduce my findings?
> Hi,
> I am running now with 0.9.0 doing reads in a loop with 1s interval between reads, 
> and  the problem doesn't seem to reproduce, will leave it over the weekend and let
> you know if it caught anything.
I found that subsequent reads on a small timescale often succeed. Also 
after a pause of some couple of seconds
reads probably succeed. THe timescale for faillure lies inbetween.

Please try a time distribution more randomly.
How big is your sample I used 1GB.
When testing by hand 1 out of 6 reads fail. Same behavior on stgt 0.8 
and 0.9.0 .


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