[stgt] tgtd startup problem

Albert Pauw albert.pauw at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 09:31:35 CET 2009

> Or, always add "-v" flag (verbose) to tgt-admin to get the idea what 
> tgtadm commands are started.
> Or, add a "-p" flag (pretend) - it prints all tgtadm commands which 
> would be started without really executing anything.
> Then, you can copy/edit/paste everything and start the things step by 
> step manually.
This is really weird.

Pulled the git version this morning. Compiled and installed it and got 
the same problem.
I use the redhat startup script to start the target, and used a simple 
targets.conf, which creates a tape target.

Starting up normally (service iscsi-target start) works fine, no errors. 
Logging into the target goes fine as well, no problems
and I can use the virtual tape. However, any time I try the command 
tgtadm --op show --mode target gives the error:

tgtadm: can't send the request to the tgt daemon, Transport endpoint is 
not connected

When I start up tgtd empy (empty targets.conf) it starts up fine, 
although I am not able to show the targets with tgtadm.
When I run a script with the tgtadm commands to build up a vtl, every 
tgtadm command gives the error mentioned above.

Now, the weird part. When I start tgtd by hand (just tgtd, or tgtd -f 
-d8) it works fine. Functionally, the redhat.initd stuff
does exactly the same. Apart from switching tgtd offline, add 
targets.conf (using tgt-admin) and putting it only again.
When I do it "manually" I just stuff the targets in, without switching 
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