[stgt] [PATCH 1/1] Build process makeover

Chris Webb chris at arachsys.com
Fri Oct 2 10:58:17 CEST 2009

Florian Haas <florian.haas at linbit.com> writes:

> FWIW, installing something that's meant to be run only by root in /bin
> is, if I'm not mistaken, an LSB violation.

Probably. My machines clearly wouldn't claim LSB compatibility anyway given
that they don't even have a /usr directory. (I'm lucky enough not to have to
use distributions or third-party binaries so I don't have to deal with all
the legacy cruft required to keep things binary compatible.)

> Installing into /usr/local/sbin is a good point though. Adding an sbindir
> variable would sound like a plan to me. Come to think of it, mandir and
> docdir should be changed to be defined with "?=", not "=", so you can
> override from the make command line and you only need to change your build
> scripts, not patch any Makefiles.

Yes, that would definitely better match the experience with most other
source distributions and would presumably make package maintainers' lives

> Of course one could also tackle this problem with
> configure/automake/autoconf insanity, but that might be a wee bit of
> overkill. :)



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