[stgt] questions on using tgt to implement a remote data storage middleware

Xiao Da xiaoda99 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 04:05:58 CEST 2009

Hi all,

I'm a teacher of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications,
China. Our team are trying to build a remote data storage middleware
that sits between client and a remote storage device (e.g., an iscsi
device). To achieve transparency, the middleware acts as a scsi target
to client and as an initiator to the storage device. In this way, it
intercepts commands and data to and from the device and performs
functions such as 1) data encryption before storing to the device to
provide security; 2) data compression and deduplication to save

Now I have two questions:

1) Can we use tgt to implement such a middleware?

2) If we use a scsi initiator (e.g., iscsi initiator) on the
middleware to interact with the remote storage device, how should tgt
integrate with the initiator? I didn't find any relevant code in tgt
source code. Are there any projects that do the similar thing so that
we see how they do it?

- Xiao Da
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