[stgt] [Scst-devel] [ANNOUNCE]: Comparison of features between different SCSI targets (SCST, STGT, IET, LIO) updated

Chris Weiss cweiss at gmail.com
Thu Sep 2 22:00:58 CEST 2010

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 2:31 PM, Vladislav Bolkhovitin <vst at vlnb.net> wrote:
> Hello,
> I updated the Linux SCSI targets comparison page
> http://scst.sourceforge.net/comparison.html, which compares features of
> the existing Linux SCSI target subsystems. The comparison includes SCST,
> STGT, IET and LIO. I added IET there, because it is the most used Linux
> iSCSI target at the moment.
> If you see I'm wrong somewhere or forgot something, you are welcome to
> correct me and I will fix that.
> Vlad

as a user following the potential inclusion of a kernel-space target,
iscsi specifically, I would be very interested in seeing what other
pluses the other frameworks have over scst, because if this chart is
accurate, all the other targets have quite a ways to go to catch up.

To me, lacking correct reserve and task management means "not ready
for public consumption".  Making any kernel change that does not have
RESERVE/RELEASE and full TM command support is only going to make
Linux look buggy and amateur-ish in the storage world.  Best to not
change anything than to implement something without them.  These 2
features alone are what helped me choose SCST in the first place.
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