[stgt] tgtd locks up

Michael McGlothlin michaelm at plumbersstock.com
Mon Aug 1 01:37:28 CEST 2011

I have a CentOS 5.6 server running scsi-target-utils 1.0.8 and I've
been running it as an iSCSI server to some ESXi servers for a couple
weeks. It's worked overall but has a couple issues that seem related
to it locking up when I try to add it as a target. I've only gotten it
to work on one of my three (identical) ESXi servers. It stops
responding when I try to add it or the connection never seems to be
made even though I see the server and targets show up in ESXi.
Occasionally it stops responding other times - possibly when under
higher than average load. One of the CPUs maxes out and never goes
back down and it just stops responding. When I target it from Windows
Server it doesn't seem to have a problem (but isn't under nearly the
same level of usage).

I'm just teaching myself about iSCSI so I'm not sure if I'm dealing
with a mistake on my part or a bug. Not finding any obvious answer by
Googling or experimenting. I divided my disk up into <2GB chunks. My
current targets.conf looks like this:

<target iqn.2011-07.dev:storage0>
 backing-store /dev/disk0
 backing-store /dev/disk1
 backing-store /dev/disk2
 backing-store /dev/disk3

Michael McGlothlin
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