[stgt] [PATCH 1/3] Compile iser driver as a loadable module

Or Gerlitz ogerlitz at mellanox.com
Wed Oct 19 13:45:22 CEST 2011

On 10/14/2011 1:09 AM, Andy Grover wrote:
> With iser being built in, the tgtd package pulls in two more libraries,
> libibverbs and librdmacm, is the motivation here to eliminate that
> as of the overhead?
>> Yes. Admittedly not a huge issue, but tgt code is already modularized, so the
>> entire change is to the Makefile, except for one line. So, any objections to this change? Going once...

So how you envision possible packaging here, is that two rpms one with 
iser stripped
tgt and the other containing the tgt iser code with the latter depending 
on the former and on
the verbs/rdmacm libraries?

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