[stgt] SCSI Persistent Group Reservations: possible bugs found

Lee Duncan lduncan at suse.com
Sat Dec 15 21:08:07 CET 2012


I work on SCSI-3 Persistent Group Reservations at times, and I noticed
there we not test suite for this functionality, so I have created one.
As part of my work in getting this suite to work, I have been applying
it to the stgt iSCSI target. My target happens to be running on openSUSE
12.2, using the latest target code from your master branch.

I believe I have found a couple of bugs in the PGR functionality, and I
wanted to know the best way to report them. In addition, I would like to
submit patches for any bugs I find, and I wanted to make sure you were
receptive to such patches.

In addition, I'd be glad to share my test suite with you. Right now, it
uses an open-iscsi initiator (and manual set up), and the Python
"nosetests" module and the sg_persist SCSI utility command. The tests
have been developed on SLES 11 SP2. There are almost a hundred test
cases so far, but they are still in development. For example, I am still
not testing for Unit Attention, Preempt, and other pieces of PGR
functionality, but the suite does the 6 types of reservations, and it
makes sure access is restricted (or not), as appropriate.

So far, I believe I found an error in some case where the Reservation
Holder unregisters. In this case, the reservation should go away.
Lee Duncan
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