[stgt] read-caching by tgtd

Arne Van Theemsche arnevt at gmail.com
Thu May 16 11:18:52 CEST 2013

Hi there

I have following setup

2 identical target-machines consisting of

HW raid controller
LVM on top of it
DRBD on top of LV (dual primary, don't panic yet)

both target are imported by 1 initiator, making a multipath device of
it (in Active/Backup), so no load balancing

on that device I make an xfs FS

The reason for this setup is to have HA if one target fails, the other
takes over (after 20s timeout)

Everything keeps going fine, until the initiator machines fails/reboot
and the multipath choose at boottime another path (in other words:
choose the other target as primary).

to make a long story short: It seems that the tgtd process does some
form of read caching, because if I disable the multipathing (ending up
with 2 accessable block devices) and mount them one by one (not
together off course) the FS structure is not in sync. To exclude the
drbd process as the guilty one, I mount the FS on both target devices
(using the drbd block device) and both targets give the right FS
structure. It's only one of the two exported targets that give the
wrong info, so the only building block left over is the tgtd-process
doing some form of caching. As a final test, if I reboot the
initiator, the wrong info keeps comming back from the target

in the <target> section I put
   write-cache off
   read-cache off

the write-cache seems to have effect, but the read-cache seems silently ignored.

Any advice?

kind regards
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