[wpkg-users] wpkg and win2000

Richard de Vos rdevos at ticts.nl
Wed Dec 28 16:17:39 CET 2005


Wat is the best way to start wpkg as a service for windows 2000 and win xp.

At this moment we are starting a file called \\wpkg\wpkg\wpkg-start.bat 
but sometimes did doesn't start.

Possible the service is running before the network connection is available.

At this moment i am using srvany and instsrv for windows 2000 and
the cygrunsrv for windows xp

Also i am using schtask to create a task for starting wpkg in the night 
if people leave there computers running.

I tried to use schtask also for running wpkg when the computer starts 
but that seems the stop sometimes.



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