[wpkg-users] automating MS Windows Script installation

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Wed Dec 14 15:53:12 CET 2005

Andrew Z schrieb:
> Hello,
> As you know Microsoft Windows Script (MWS) is required to run wpkg.  On 
> my Windows 2000, wpkg wasn't working properly ("property file not found" 
> or something like that) until I updated MWS.   Since wpkg can't be used 
> to install its own prerequisite, is there some other way to 
> intelligently, automatically install or update MWS for all our Windows 
> 9x, ME, and 2000 systems?
> For Windows 2000, I tried "scriptEN.exe /q", but even though I already 
> had the latest MWS, it installed again and then wanted to reboot..
> Another problem is there are two different executables: one for Windows 
> 9x/ME/NT and another for 2000/XP.
> In summary, I am looking for a way to
> - Pick the correct MWS installer (9x/ME vs 2000/XP)
> - Not install MWS more than once

If you are thinking about the machines that are not yet installed (or 
which will be installed), you may take a look at Unattended - 

Its aims are to automatize Windows installation and initial package 
deployment (i.e., Windows installs, then some apps are installed 
automatically, including scripten etc.).

Other way is to use some check, i.e., with such a logic:

if file cscript.exe exists, exit (or C:\windows\...\cscript.exe etc.)

if file cscript.exe doesn't exist, execute scriptEN.exe /q

You could write it in Windows batch.


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