[wpkg-users] Help with error message:

sbotsford sbotsford at sjsa.ab.ca
Wed Apr 19 19:08:02 CEST 2006

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> sbotsford wrote:
>> I'm flummoxed.
>> On one group of hosts wpkg works.  On another, it doesn't, and I get 
>> the following message:
>> Using Profile: Inspiron
>> profile: Inspiron     profileNode:
>> Object doesn't support this method or property
>> command line:
>> cscript wpkg.js /synchronize /debug
>> Inspiron is defined in hosts.xml
> I don't know what it means, but it would be interesting to find out.
> Google gives a couple of answers when you search for "Object doesn't 
> support this method or property", but mostly it deals with JScript used 
> for web pages.
> 1) Could you send me your profiles.xml, hosts.xml and packages.xml?
Added as attachments
> 2) What version of WPKG do you use? Could you try the latest testing 
> (0.9.8-test2)?
This is the first thing I tried.  Identical behaviour.  Scripten is 
version 5.6 from the link on the wpkg web page.

> 3) do you still get this error when you use same profile + packages, but 
> for a different host?

No.  If I run wpkg for the classes of machines lab* it does what I 
expect.  (Not all of what I want, yet, but it works and installs the 
3-4 packages I've got working properly.)

 From your message this is something being spewed out by cscript, and 
not by wpkg itself.  This by itself is helpful.  Are there alternate 
js interpreters that give better debugging info?


My next step will be to remove the packages from that profile.  See if 
I can narrow it down.  I'm betting on a stupid syntax error in my xml 

On debugging.  dviPS, part of the TeX distribution has one of the best 
debugging interfaces I've run into.  With it you gave debug what 
amounted to a bit field.
debug = 1	Specials	
debug = 2	paths
debug = 4	fonts
debug = 8	pages
... and so on.
Summing them up allowed you to pick combinations.

Suppose on wpkg it was something like:
debug = 1	XML parsing  (Show parse tree?)
debug = 2	Consistency checking.  (Prints out if host file contains 
profiles that aren't in profiles, if profiles reference packages that 
aren't in packages.
debug = 4	Detailed package checking.  (Verifies the existence of 
paths, and commands)
debug = 8	Print the command about to be executed, wait for keypress, 
print exit status.
debug = 16	Put the interpreter into some form of debug mode

Now, I haven't the experience with either XML, JS, or winsnooze to say 
if any these are good ideas.  Maybe they will spark your ideas.
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