[wpkg-users] What happens if assigned packages disappear - proof of concept

Falko Trojahn ftrojahn at smi-softmark.de
Thu Jun 15 22:21:27 CEST 2006

>> In debug mode, lots of lines fly over the screen, we have to search thru
>> them for errors. Perhaps instead/adding an array with all the errors and
>> an exit function which prints the error summary - if there are errors -
>> at end could help.
> Are you talking about 0.9.10-test1?
> Basically what I did there was to print the summary at the end?
> Or you mean something else?
Last thing that I've seen before I wrote the mail this morning was
0.9.9. Or I must have dreamed about what you did last night  :-!

So, I'll correct my split-syntax-error.patch for the quitonerror-thing
and send it again. And try to find a way for not accidentially removing

>> Something with the line ends is broken - an "dos2unix wpkg.js" and
>> "unix2dos wpkg.js" should do.
> Indeed, one EOL character is missing in line 2134 of wpkg-0.9.9.
> But makes no difference, does it (and everything works fine)?
> Anyway, fixed in 0.9.10-test1 :)
Well, just another telepathic message ... ;-)

Best regards,

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