[wpkg-users] MD5 hash

Jérémie j.tarot at tecsas.fr
Thu Mar 30 12:12:20 CEST 2006

Michael Chinn a écrit :
> At present I have added packages to wpkg using bat & perl scripts that 
> download a zip of the program, check the MD5, extract, run and then 
> delete the zip/temp files. This allows for disconnections during 
> installations, partially downloaded files fail the checksum and are 
> downloaded again until they work. That got me thinking if some of this 
> functionality could be incorporated into wpkg directly, specifically the 
> MD5sums of the installer command (I use the gnu md5sum.exe port). I 
> would offer some code however my knowledge only extends (at the moment) 
> to bat files and perl.

That'd be _really_really_ cool ! Both with http(s) support, we'd be on 
the way to "winapt" ;) :P

Very Bests


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