[wpkg-users] MD5sums

rl201 rl201 at cam.ac.uk
Thu May 4 11:48:04 CEST 2006

Hi All,

> 	I share your opinion, but as you probably red in my last posting the 
> available MD5 implementations are not performing well enough for using them. 
> I used the RFC reference implementation coded in JScript and its really slow, 
> so I decided to just use an external program which works really fast as its 
> written in C. Using an external program is easy, as we can use any kind of 
> checksum checking when its available as command line program. I will try your 
> link, and report my opinions.

I looked at this a couple of weeks ago - my big problem was being entirely 
unable to read binary files in JScript. (Any hints welcome!)

My opinion is that in this sort of project, speed isn't really an issue. I 
install packages and maintain packages on lots of machines and really 
don't care if it takes a while: I can get a coffee or do something else 
while it finishes. If we can do the job natively in JScript, I think that 
would be easier from the point of view of distribution.

Perhaps we could provide a wpkg-config.xml file in the same directory 
which would contain preferences:

  <option "md5">
   <option-type name="external" value="true" />
   <option-type name="command" value="\\server\share\utils\md5sum.exe 
/makesum %s" />

If this file exists, we read it and parse it. The options above, for 
example, might direct wpkg to over-ride a built in MD5 function with the 
executable on the share called with some appropriate arguments. This might 
be useful for other things - the default mode for wpkg to run without 
command line arguments, perhaps.

> 	Despite this, I don't understand why windows still doesn't have any 
> native MD5 implementation. Any unix has it on board.


> 	Maybe someone wants to port wpkg to C# which has an MD5CryptoProvider 
> as I've seen on the web...

Possibly! Sounds like hard work to me though.

Just an idea,


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