[wpkg-users] MD5sums

Andre Ilie ai at photonic-sense.com
Thu May 4 12:09:45 CEST 2006


rl201 wrote:
> I looked at this a couple of weeks ago - my big problem was being 
> entirely unable to read binary files in JScript. (Any hints welcome!)

	I've used AODB.Stream for this... but its really damn slow and you need 
a lot of copying to get the data into a string object or something else 
that has an .length property (which is intensively used in most MD5 
implementations :).

> My opinion is that in this sort of project, speed isn't really an issue. 
> I install packages and maintain packages on lots of machines and really 
> don't care if it takes a while: I can get a coffee or do something else 
> while it finishes. If we can do the job natively in JScript, I think 
> that would be easier from the point of view of distribution.

	I also want to have it native, but I think WPKG needs to run as fast as 
possible, as our setup pauses the user until WPKG is done. You shouldn't 
install software while the user is logged in, this will just make things 
more complicated. So I don't want to bother the users with damn long 
install sessions, because they are already waiting long time until the 
software gets downloaded. Someone needs to speed up the MD5 JScript 
code, but this is not me. :)

> Perhaps we could provide a wpkg-config.xml file in the same directory 
> which would contain preferences:
> <wpkg-conf>
>  <option "md5">
>   <option-type name="external" value="true" />
>   <option-type name="command" value="\\server\share\utils\md5sum.exe 
> /makesum %s" />
>  </option>
> </wpkg-conf>
> If this file exists, we read it and parse it. The options above, for 
> example, might direct wpkg to over-ride a built in MD5 function with the 
> executable on the share called with some appropriate arguments. This 
> might be useful for other things - the default mode for wpkg to run 
> without command line arguments, perhaps.

	Having a configfile for the WPKG system or lets say that we can bump 
the profile.xml to have profile based WPKG configurations would be 
really useful. A lot of features need to be adjusted in the source 
already which is not really the way to go.

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