[wpkg-users] wpkg over wireless ethernet

Adam Williams awilliam at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Nov 28 22:22:03 CET 2006

yes i'm using the srvany, instsrv, install-service.js scripts.  my 
wpkg-installer.bat is:

copy \\roark\wpkg\files\srvany.exe %SystemRoot%\System32
copy \\roark\wpkg\files\instsrv.exe %SystemRoot%\System32
instsrv "Windows Packager" "%SystemRoot%\System32\srvany.exe"
\\roark\wpkg\files\scripten.exe /Q /R:N
cscript.exe \\roark\wpkg\files\install-service.js
net start "Windows Packager"

How could I delay it using WPKG Installer .70?

Or with schtasks it would be:

schtasks /create /tn "windows packager" /tr "cscript 
\\roark\wpkg\wpkg.js /synchronize /quiet" /sc ONLOGON /s /u 
Administrator /p xxxxxxx


Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> All right, it wasn't clear for me what script it was.
> You mean using srvany, instsrv, install-service.js etc.?
> You'd have to do some changes to install-service.js - to start a .bat 
> script instead of "cscript ... wpkg.js /flags".
> The easiest way would be to use "the installer", or schtasks.

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