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------- Additional Comments From djf at assetsw.com  2006-09-02 09:39 -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> So, as I understand it, when one adds /server, than the following happens:
> 1) netlogon server is mapped as O:
> 2) all usual wpkg.js is executed
> 3) O: is unmapped
> How do you start WPKG? Via a user logon script?
> Otherwise, I'm not sure that Windows knows what a logon server is (before the
> user logs in) - I may be wrong though.

A logon server is defined either manually or after a machine is joined to a Windows directory (NTLM or AD.)  The process works something like this:

- Workstation boots
- Workstation asks for DHCP info
- Workstation gets DHCP info
- Workstation asks Microsoft DNS for its logon server (proprietary)
- MS DNS reponds with the logon server assigned to the site the workstation's subnet belongs to (from AD sites and services)
- Workstation then uses that as the logon server

This is just for clarity.  Windows workstations that are joined to a domain always know where their logon server is regardless of whether a user is logged in or not.  In this particular instance, their domain controllers are probably on the other end of the WAN link.  By running wpkg.js from their logon server, they don't have to maintain multiple copies of it.  By adding the /server:foo nomenclature, they can have their software distribution at the local site and when new versions of wpkg.js come out (which could be often) they don't have to push it to every site.

This solution allows them to have a per-site workstation build that keeps their traffic isolated to the local LAN (other than running wpkg.js, which I assume is probably located on the logon server.)  By mapping the O: drive, their install directives in packages.xml can reference the O: drive for packages and they don't have to keep the O: drive mounted at all times on the workstation.  Some organizations don't like to leave their software repository laying around for users to get at.  They can continue to run wpkg.js as a service as well, since it does the local drive mounting and unmounting for them.

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