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------- Additional Comments From mangoo at mch.one.pl  2006-09-02 19:21 -------
(In reply to comment #4)

> - Workstation boots
> - Workstation asks for DHCP info
> - Workstation gets DHCP info
> - Workstation asks Microsoft DNS for its logon server (proprietary)
> - MS DNS reponds with the logon server assigned to the site the workstation's
subnet belongs to (from AD sites and services)
> - Workstation then uses that as the logon server

I could make %LOGONSERVER% variable recognized only after a real user has logged
on on a given machine (i.e., in a logon script).

> This is just for clarity.  Windows workstations that are joined to a domain 
> always know where their logon server is regardless of whether a user is logged
> in or not. 

If I remember correctly, %LOGONSERVER% is not recognized if one runs a command
via a Task Scheduler, even when executed as a domain user (for example,
Or, this was because I used Samba, which would be an equivalent to NT4 domain,
which doesn't use DNS.

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