[wpkg-users] Running WPKG as a service

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Tue Sep 19 18:07:43 CEST 2006

Hi Mark,

Mark Cairney wrote:
> Hi,
> Just to share the fix I had for this particular problem- I created a
> scheduled task at logon to restart the wpkg service. This appears to
> give me the best of both worlds in that it checks it's state when a user
> logs on but also has a service on the machine that can be started so
> that updates can (if necessary) be pushed out to clients. Thanks for the
> pointer.
> Cheers,
> Mark

Could you spell out the steps you took, please? Would this work for the
scenario when users are not admins but restricted users, and therefore
would work and update wpkg xml files and install remove software 'even -
if' a user with admin rights never logged in to this workstation?
I guess I am showing that I haven't tried scheduled tasks and therefore
don't know what rights are effective for those things.


'Subject' related question, but not wpkg related, can scheduled tasks be
copied to file and updated or 'transported' to other machines by
copying/updating files?

Urs Rau

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