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Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Tue Jan 23 21:01:52 CET 2007

Michael J. Kidd wrote:
> I have 2 requests for the WPKG Project ( ok.. there's more than that,
> but here's the most pressing! :) )
> My desire is for the WPKG Installer to delay logon as long as the
> WPKG.js process is still running.. Not just X configurable minutes (
> maybe an option to do either is in order ).  And, I would love it if the
> User message that's displayed has feedback on what WPKG.js is currently
> doing ( along with how long it's been doing it ).

Hmm, you mean more than 120 minutes? Do you have any software that 
installs that long?

We decided that WPKG Installer should have the maximum delay of 120 
minutes. If it was indefinite, some admins would surely use it 
(consciously or not), but what if they made a mistake? I.e., started a 
command that waits for user feedback (but the program is started in the 
background, so the user never sees the feedback).
Well, considering the admin is on holiday, the consequences could be 
very bad for the whole organization... and perhaps for WPKG reputation 
if a lame admin explains himself to a lame manager :)

Of course, if one sets the delay of 120 (or any other delay), it will 
only prevent user logon for that long if any of three components 
("execute before", wpkg.js, "execute after") is still running. If they 
are not running, user will be able to logon ASAP.

So, right now, the answer is "no" (unless someone finds a good reason 
why it should be done).

As of the other request ("what WPKG.js is currently doing") we thought 
of it as well. I'm just not sure how it should be done.

1. Add a new flag to wpkg.js, (hmm, /interact?), which would add some 
additional messages printed to console - something like:

INTERACT <package name>

this would be "intercepted" by WPKG Installer, and displayed to the user 
via a custom message:

WPKG is installing %INTERACT%, please wait...

Perhaps there are better names for /interact, though :)

2. A better and easier method, printing it to the registry. No new 
wpkg.js flag would be needed (wpkg.js would just clear a given registry 
entry when it starts, then it would write installed package's name).
WPKG would poll it from time to time, and display via:

WPKG is installing %INTERACT%, please wait...

However, it'll take some time, everyone's busy, busy, busy...

Tomasz Chmielewski

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