[wpkg-users] Registry Status Message

Michael J. Kidd wpkg at linuxkidd.com
Tue Jan 23 23:00:05 CET 2007

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Michael J. Kidd wrote:
>> I have 2 requests for the WPKG Project ( ok.. there's more than that,
>> but here's the most pressing! :) )
>> My desire is for the WPKG Installer to delay logon as long as the
>> WPKG.js process is still running.. Not just X configurable minutes (
>> maybe an option to do either is in order ).  And, I would love it if the
>> User message that's displayed has feedback on what WPKG.js is currently
>> doing ( along with how long it's been doing it ).
> Hmm, you mean more than 120 minutes? Do you have any software that 
> installs that long?
 > Of course, if one sets the delay of 120 (or any other delay), it will
 > only prevent user logon for that long if any of three components
 > ("execute before", wpkg.js, "execute after") is still running. If they
 > are not running, user will be able to logon ASAP.

Hmm... I didn't realize that the WPKG installer would bail if the 
install finished ahead of the predefined 'wait' period.  I just switched 
back to the installer today to test this particular feature.  So, my 
apologies for the Nub'ness of that request..    The longest installer I 
have is AutoPatcherXP... Which does run for a lil over an hour by 
itself.  But when it finishes this long ( initial ) run it requires a 
reboot anyway... The developers of Autopatcher were kind enough to load 
it w/ some exit codes at my request so it would work with this project!  :)

> We decided that WPKG Installer should have the maximum delay of 120 
> minutes. If it was indefinite, some admins would surely use it 
> (consciously or not), but what if they made a mistake? I.e., started a 
> command that waits for user feedback (but the program is started in the 
> background, so the user never sees the feedback).
> Well, considering the admin is on holiday, the consequences could be 
> very bad for the whole organization... and perhaps for WPKG reputation 
> if a lame admin explains himself to a lame manager :)
> So, right now, the answer is "no" (unless someone finds a good reason 
> why it should be done).
Completely understandable... I agree completely!  Again, my apologies 
for such a Nub question.. :)

> As of the other request ("what WPKG.js is currently doing") we thought 
> of it as well. I'm just not sure how it should be done.
> 1. Add a new flag to wpkg.js, (hmm, /interact?), which would add some 
> additional messages printed to console - something like:
> INTERACT <package name>
> this would be "intercepted" by WPKG Installer, and displayed to the user 
> via a custom message:
> WPKG is installing %INTERACT%, please wait...
> Perhaps there are better names for /interact, though :)
> 2. A better and easier method, printing it to the registry. No new 
> wpkg.js flag would be needed (wpkg.js would just clear a given registry 
> entry when it starts, then it would write installed package's name).
> WPKG would poll it from time to time, and display via:
> WPKG is installing %INTERACT%, please wait...
> However, it'll take some time, everyone's busy, busy, busy...

Agreed... Time is the one thing no one has enough of.. ( along with 
money of course ).  I'm not sure if it's easy for WPKG installer to 
watch the console output of WPKG, but that would prevent constant 
Registry changes.. ( Not sure there's a real problem w/ the constant reg 
changes, but being we are talking of Windows.. I'd imagine something bad 
can come of anything. )

Thanks for your time!

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