[wpkg-users] MsiInstaller cant write to registry when installing several particular packages.

Tor Soerensen tor at cfh.ku.dk
Fri Aug 15 12:48:52 CEST 2008

Dear List members,
Can anyone help me solve this problem (See below)
Tor Sorensen

Recently, with no change to my WPKG setup I'm starting to have problems with packages that usually installed with no problems.

The packages does not install at the moment when run with wpkg, but if I run the installers manually they install fine. 

Looking at the windows logbook (eventvwr.msc) I can see that each MsiInstaller generates two kinds of error events  (loosely translated from danish):

Source: MsiInstaller
Event id: 11406

Product: Carsten .. Error 1406. The varlue could not be written to the key \Software\Classes\CLSID\{[ UID Abbreviated by me ]}\InprocServer32. System error. Check whether you have sufficient access to the key in question or contact your support technician.

Source: MsiInstaller
Event id: 11401

Product: Afasi-assistent Standard 1.7 -- Error 1401. The key HKEY_USERS\[ abbreviated ]\Software\Classes could not be created. System error 87. Ensure that you have sufficient access to the key, or contact your support technician.

Both errors occur in the same run (initial installation on new pc's), and other packages (for instance 7-zip and MS office) install without any problems during the same run. 

I also on occasion see events saying something like "The registry for the user support has been saved" (cant remember the exact wording). Support is the user used for installing packages.

I include my settings.xml from the wpkg client below

  <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
- <configuration>
  <parameters>/synchronize /nonotify /quiet</parameters> 
  <pre-action /> 
  <post-action /> 
  <logon-message-1>WPKG is installing applications and applying settings...</logon-message-1> 
  <logon-message-2>Please wait, don't restart or power off your computer...</logon-message-2> 
  <script-variable name="SOFTWARE">\\tiger\software</script-variable> 
  <server-connecting-ip /> 
  <server-connecting-script-file /> 

Tor Bechmann Sørensen
It - medarbejder
Center for Hjerneskade
Njalsgade 88
2300 København N
direkte telefon 46987243
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