[wpkg-users] wpkg.js execution error

Andreas Heinlein aheinlein at gmx.com
Mon Aug 11 10:10:00 CEST 2008

Andreas Heinlein schrieb:
> Gerd Ott schrieb:
>> I'm not sure if I remember correct, but I think I had a similar
>> problem and this eventlog entry on a w2k-client, which was solved
>> after reinstalling/updating wsh/cscript.
>> (scripten.exe, link on http://wpkg.org/Download)
>> Andreas Heinlein schrieb:
>>> I have a problem with deploying WPKG on on of our machines.
>>> wpkg.js stops execution early during config intialization. When run as a
>>> service I get an  event log entry with event id 1:
>>> Message: "Object expected"
>>> Description: Object expected
>>> Error code: 800a138f
>>> Stack: undefined
>>> Line: undefined
>>> I stepped through the script with the script debugger and found out it
>>> is stopping at line 1107, in function getConfig(), Line:
>>>         if (argn("config") != null) {
>>> This line somehow generates an error that is caught and causes the log
>>> entry.
>>> The machine - like all others - is Windows 2000 SP4 with IE6 (=WSH 5.6).
>>> I tried reinstalling IE6 with no success.
> Well, I thought that by reinstalling IE6 I was also reinstalling WSH
> 5.6. I will give WSH 5.7 a try, but I don't like having "special"
> machines which need different treatment like all others.
Have to reply to myself: This did not work.
Strangely, calling cscript tells me that it is Windows Scripting Host
5.1 (sic!) even after installing/updating with the WSH 5.7 install.

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