[wpkg-users] Server connection failed with RealTek cards

Florian Effenberger floeff at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 11:50:13 CEST 2008


on new machines with Realtek 8111/8168 Chipsets (Gigabit PCI Express),
we're having issues with WPKG Client on Windows XP Professional SP 3.
The first bootup it seems to work, but afterwards, software
distribution doesn't work anymore. The progress bar window is shown
but disappears shortly after. I've tried with 1.2.1 and 1.3.5 and the
error message we have in the log is:

2008-08-28 11:12:06 -> Starting WPKG on startup
2008-08-28 11:12:06 -> Before create shared memory: successfuly done.
2008-08-28 11:12:06 -> Create shared memory: successfuly done.
2008-08-28 11:12:06 -> Set script security context: successfuly done.
2008-08-28 11:12:06 -> Offline mode enabled: successfuly done.
2008-08-28 11:12:06 -> Offline mode: server connecting method selected.
2008-08-28 11:12:16 -> Server connecting: failed.
2008-08-28 11:12:16 -> Working done. Perform cleanup.
2008-08-28 11:12:16 -> Cleanup done.

Disabling offline mode didn't help either. In that case, the progress
bar window didn't disappear, but also no software was distributed.
Other machines on the same network work just fine and flawlessly. The
curious thing is, as soon as I manually start up the service after
logging on, it works fine, until the next reboot. Logging on to the
domain or any other network activity works fine as well, so it doesn't
seem to be a general problem with the NIC.

My guess is that some Windows service for browsing doesn't work as
expected and is loaded only until after WPKG Client came up.

How can I track down that issue? Any chance to enchance the log level
to see the actual error message that is thrown?

My settings.xml look as follow:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
/nonotify /quiet
läuft. Bitte PC auf keinen Fall
ausschalten!</logon-message-1><logon-message-2>Die Anmeldung ist
möglich, sobald die Installationen abgeschlossen

before.bat contains:
@echo off
net use p: \\wpkg\wpkg\config /persistent:no
net use r: \\wpkg\wpkg\packages /persistent:no

after.bat contains:
@echo off
net use p: /delete
net use r: /delete

Changing \\wpkg to the actual IP address didn't work as well, same
issue. Changing the network card works just fine, with an Intel E1000
everything works as expected.


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