[wpkg-users] login stalls

Brian May brian at vpac.org
Fri Aug 29 01:02:32 CEST 2008

Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
> Do you use WINS? With a Samba server, you should - otherwise, your 
> clients use broadcasts only, which may have similar characteristics as 
> the problem you describe.
> To enable WINS in Samba, add:

Yes, wins definitely enabled and configured on all clients (via dhcp).

> Samba does not integrate with DNS by default (unless you put some effort 
> to it); so double check if WINS is configured and that it works.

Yes, the server was fine. Or at least I couldn't find any evidence of 
problems. I tested it from other computers. Not sure how to test wins 
(by itself) from the faulty windows client though...

I have since found out that the virtual host we used for wins was 
suffering from high swapping (due to a buggy program with a memory 
leak), so we are in the process of moving the WINS server to a real

Will be really interesting to see if this helps or not.

Brian May

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