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New version 1.0 RC6 including /noremove enhancement.

Hello again ;-)

I am back with some news...

Well, first of all I know I promised this change for the Christmas holiday
season. I apologize for being late.

However the /noremove flag has been implemented now in a slightly "advanced"
way. My implementation allows to still keep the local wpkg.xml settings file up
to date. This allows administrators to still keep track on the locally
installed software by creating a backup of this file on a network share as
described on several documentation locations for WPKG. This means that WPKG
will check if the packages which have been added earlier are still installed on
the system. If yes they are not touched, but if they have been removed manually
(for example by the user) then WPKG will remove the entry from the local
wpkg.xml. Administrators just have to know that packages without checks are
removed from wpkg.xml immediately since there is no way to check if they are
still installed.

Here are the change notes:

Change notes

WPKG Version: 1.0-RC6
Author:     : Rainer Meier <skybeam (at) users.sourceforge.net>
Date        : 2008-01-08

Changes/fixes visible to the user:

- Added /noremove flag

NEW: Added /noremove flag to skip all package uninstallation actions.
     Allows to disable removing of packages. If used in conjunction with the
     /synchronize parameter it will just add packages but never remove them.
     Instead of removing a list of packages which would have been removed
     during that session is printed on exit. Packages are not removed from
     the local settings database (wpkg.xml). Therefore it will contain a list
     of all packages ever installed.
     Note that each package which is requested to be removed (manually or by
     a synchronization request) will be checked for its state by executing its
     included package checks. If the package has been removed manually it will
     also be removed from the settings database. Due to the fact that packages
     whithout checks always return 'false' for during the install-status check
     these packages will disappear from the local wpkg.xml.

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