[wpkg-users] Install of "DirectX - Web Installer" fails with Version "WPKG 1.0-rc5"

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Tue Jan 8 17:16:39 CET 2008

Christian Böse schrieb:
 > Hi,
 > sorry my mistake.
 > I changed nothing on the WPKG service. It starts as SYSTEM but I 
don´t have
 > change there anything.
 > When starting it directly it works fine and installs DirectX :)

Does it display any GUI? Did you use silent flags etc.?

 > But when WPKG Service wants to install it, it doesn´t work :(

Hmm. Apart from being started as a non-Administrator, could be confused 
because WPKG Client starts everything on a "fake" display (so that users 
can't interact with the installers).

Try this:

1) set "Show GUI" in WPKG Client
2) set "notepad" as a pre-command in WPKG Client
3) reboot, log in, exit notepad, and watch what happens

Also, you can put "cmd.exe" as a pre-command, and start "cscript wpkg.js 
/synchronize /debug" manually from there.

 > In the DirectX.log I find these lines:

DirectX log doesn't tell me anything, sorry. Try asking Microsoft, they 
should know more ;)

 > This also happens when changing WPKG Service to start as Administrator.

Did you change it in Control Panel, or by changing settings in WPKG 
Client? If in Control Panel, it's wrong.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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