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--- Comment #10 from Paul Tietjens <paul.tietjens at moriarty.k12.nm.us>  2008-01-03 15:38:55 ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> Paul, what's the difference between using
> \\server1\share\wpkg.js
> \\server2\share\wpkg.js
> and your
> \\server1\share\wpkg.js /server:server1
> \\server1\share\wpkg.js /server:server2
> ??
> If you want to map O: from within wpkg.js something like
> net use O: %0\..\
> would do to map the share from which wpkg.js is started as O:

Imagine that you have 6 remote sites connected with a very small pipe.

You have 18gb of software you want installed on hosts on those sites.

you replicate that 18gb share to each remote server.

Now you have 


What does your packages.xml look like?  Would you like to maintain 6 different
configurations between sites, the only difference being the server name in the
UNC paths?   Do you want to rely on a particular server to be up and accessible
in order to set the proper paths on each host as they come online daily?

That is the difference!

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