[wpkg-users] [Bug 32] Server(s)/drive letter enhancement

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--- Comment #11 from Falko Trojahn <ftrojahn at smi-softmark.de>  2008-01-03 18:18:23 ---
Nope. That's why you should use %SOFTWARE% in your packages. You can set
SOFTWARE=\\server1\share\... individually at each site, in wpkg-start.bat or
in settings.xml if you use WPKG-Client. We have several sites with identical
xml files which are synchronized periodically. Only the settings.xml or the
wpkg-start.bat have to be excluded from syncing. Or you map your drive to
%SOFTWARE% in wpkg-start.bat and have the drive letter in the packages
(or do that in the pre-script within WPKG-Client). But sometimes this does
conflict with localy different drive mappings, so using %SOFTWARE% directly in
packages.xml is a better choice.

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