[wpkg-users] File in use by another process

simon.begin at institutsmq.qc.ca simon.begin at institutsmq.qc.ca
Fri Dec 4 14:58:20 CET 2009

Jean-jacques Moulis said:
> Antivirus checking files in system folder, perhaps.

Uninstalled complelely my AV software and it's the same, thanks anyway.

Falko Trojahn said:
> Hello Simon,
> which version of WPKG do you use, how do you start wpkg.js - using Wpkg
> Client (which version?)
> or via Domain?
> To all: Please, include version details in your requests!
> Regarding your older mails, if you use AD for wpkg.js start: do you
> start it using "cscript wpkg.js ..."? Via GPO?

Yes of course, I run from GPO (at windows startup) this script:
c:\windows\system32\cscript \\sc18\Sources\WPKG\WPKG-preprod\wpkg.js 
/synchronize /quiet /nonotify
COPY /Y "%WINDIR%\system32\wpkg.xml" 
wpkg.js is at v1.1.2

I changed the 1st line for a "start /w cscript(...)" because I suppose the 
copy may run at the same time of wpkg.
This seems to work well.
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