[wpkg-users] Deploy packages to non-domain members not working

Bill Prentice Bprentice at campuspartners.com
Wed Dec 30 17:58:19 CET 2009

That's what I was looking at but it's a little complicated.

Sserver = script server (this is centralized)
lpserver = local package server (not= sserver) 
NDM = non-domain machine

I have one script server, located at my main site. I have a package
server located at each site, including remote sites.

The scenario is NDM should talk to sserver to determine the packages to
check/install. For the packages it talks to lpserver. (I REALLY don't
want to be installing things like Acrobat Reader to multiple machines
across a T1 link). 

NDM talks to sserver fine. It's when it talks to lpserver that's the
problem. I can't set an execution context user and password that is a
domain user because then it won't execute on NDM. But, I can't get NDM
to the packages on lpserver since "SYSTEM" on NDM is not being seen as
part of the built-in security identifier "EVERYONE" which has read,
list, and read/execute on the package folder on lpserver. (<side rant> -
hey MS, if "everyone" is supposed to be everyone why is it allowing only
domain users ?</rant>)

If on NDM I open a windows explorer window, manually open the package
folder (supplying proper domain credentials), then restart the
wpkgservice service everything goes fine.

If it comes down to it I supposed I could set up some sort of task to
copy the host, package, and profile XML files to a local script server
and repoint my clients to that but that would be a less than elegant
solution and would introduce the potential for failure if that scheduled
task starts failing to run.


Kind regards,
Bill Prentice
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Bill Prentice wrote:

> WPKG checks in no problem and gets the list of packages (because I 
> supplied it with credentials for a domain service account) but when it

> tries to run a package it comes back with an error (which varies 
> depending on what the software is - 1619 in the case of an MSI). 
> Essentially what is happening is my 2003r2 package-hosting
> server is asking for a user ID and password to access the share even 
> with Everyone set on it.

Error 1619 with MSI means "package not found", and as you said, is a 
consequence of your server asking for username/password.

Problem is not really related to WPKG - as it would happen without WPKG,

too, when accessing any other file.

Either figure out why your server keeps asking for username/password, or

make your clients use username/password (i.e. you can do it with WPKG 

Tomasz Chmielewski

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