[wpkg-users] Removing doesn`t work

Rocco Balnus rocco.balnus at seven2one.de
Tue Apr 27 13:23:12 CEST 2010



 I have a problem with the following package. I can`t install Office with
the parameter /S. The installation stucks while it`s in process.

When I install the package without /S, it works and I see a half
user-interface during the installation.

The main problem of my package is to remove Office. I follow the
instructions in the tutorial of silent installers, but I always get the same


The message is "Command '%SOFTWARE%\Office 2007\setup.exe /uninstall ProPlus
/config  %Programfiles%\Office2007\ProPlus.WW\silentuninstall.xml" was


I have tried other commands like

'%SOFTWARE%\Office 2007\setup.exe  /uninstall  /config
%Programfiles%\Office2007\ProPlus.WW\silentuninstall.xml" was unsuccessful"

'%SOFTWARE%\Office 2007\setup.exe  /uninstall  "

,but it doesn`t work.                                     


<package id="office" name="Microsoft Office 2007" revision="2007"
reboot="false" priority="0">

                               <check type="uninstall" condition="exists"
path="Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007" />

                               <install cmd="\\721srv08\WPKG\APPS\Microsoft

                                               <exit code="1641"


                               <remove cmd="%SOFTWARE%\Office 2007\setup.exe
/uninstall ProPlus /config  %Programfiles%





I work on this problem for a lot of hours. I hope you can help me, please. 


best regards ,


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