[wpkg-users] windows 7 problem with one package

Mark Nienberg gmane at tippingmar.com
Wed Apr 28 18:36:00 CEST 2010

On 4/27/2010 11:40 PM, heiko.helmle at horiba.com wrote:
>  > > This is a shot in the dark - is "show gui" activated in the wpkg
>  > > service? I had several packages behave oddly when this was not active
>  > > (stalling or failing).
>  >
>  > I never thought of that. On your suggestion I tried showing the GUI,
>  > but the results were the same. Except that now the Interactive
> Services Detection
>  > does indicate that a process needs some user interaction. When I try
> to display the
>  > window, I see only two black boxes, without any text or buttons. One
> of the boxes is
>  > probably cscript. The other may hold the answer to the problem, but I
> cannot see it.
> If there's a command window, you may have run into the WSH stdout-buffer
> bug. Does your installer output something into the command windows? If
> it's too much, you'll need to redirect it to >NUL.
>  > > Last step would be watching the install with Process Explorer and/pr
>  > > Process Monitor.
>  > Good idea. I started process explorer after the install hung. I
>  > tried to bring it to
>  > the front, but it said there were no visible windows to display.
> Are there any children hanging under the cscript.exe running wpkg? This
> may give you a clue what process is hanging. If it's a cmd.exe directly
> under cscript, it certainly may be the stdout-bug. That points to
> redirecting the output of the script to >NUL

If I just open a command prompt window and run the installer from there (not invoking 
wpkg), it does not output any text on the command line.  It does pop up some windows 
progress boxes during the install, but nothing on the command line.

Another possible hint is that the installer proceeds far enough to create the 
uninstall entry in "Programs and Features" or whatever "Add/Remove Programs" is 
called in Windows 7.  But it hangs before it finishes the full install.  This means 
that the installer actually tries to run, it doesn't wait at the beginning for some 
sort of user confirmation.

Mark Nienberg
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