[wpkg-users] Removing a dependency, removes all packages in the dependency chain

Rainer Meier r.meier at wpkg.org
Tue Apr 6 19:26:11 CEST 2010

Hi Stefan,

On 06.04.2010 17:27, Pendl Stefan wrote:
> I have just encountered a strange thing.

Let's see how strange it is....

> I have package3 depending on package2 and package2 depends on package1.

OK, so you just assign package3 to the host?
Which makes a chain then:

  \- package3
        \- package2
               \- package1

> Now I have considered package1 to be obsolete and removed the dependency between package2 and package1.
> This results in package2 and package3 being removed and reinstalled.

So your dependency tree looks as follows:
  \- package3
        \- package2

In this case the packages WPKG evaluates which are assigned to the host should
be the same except that package1 is not part of the list.
WPKG works with a flat list of packages assigned to the host. I currently don't
see any reason why package2 and pacakge3 should be removed by WPKG unless your
dependency tree you outlined is reversed... like

  \- package1
        \- package2
               \- package3

In this case removing the dependency between package1 -> package2 would lead in
removal of package2 and package3 since they do not apply to the host any more.

However you say it's re-installed.

I will have to create a testcase for this and try to reproduce this use-case.
Should not be too difficult.

> Is this behavior by design or is there a way to skip removing, if the packages are still valid for the host?

Well, WPKG is supposed to first create a complete list of packages assigned to
the host (flat list). Then it does an upgrade to the latest package version on
all these packages.
Are you able to provide a sample of the three packages before the change and
after the change - probably along with a full debug log?


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