[wpkg-users] Removing a dependency, removes all packages in the dependency chain

Pendl Stefan stefan.pendl at haidlmair.at
Wed Apr 7 17:48:02 CEST 2010

> >
> > > Is this behavior by design or is there a way to skip
> > removing, if the packages are still valid for the host?
> >
> > Well, WPKG is supposed to first create a complete list of
> > packages assigned to
> > the host (flat list). Then it does an upgrade to the latest
> > package version on
> > all these packages.
> > Are you able to provide a sample of the three packages before
> > the change and
> > after the change - probably along with a full debug log?
> >
> Hi Rainer,
> I have reapplied the dependency today and resynchronized my
> test machine, so that the JRE5 Remove package was installed.
> I have then reverted the dependency and synchronized once
> more, but this time removing the package did not result in
> any other package being removed too.
> How should we proceed, since this happened to all my testing machines?

I do have a log file from yesterday, which does include the remove and reinstall.

I will send it directly to you.


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