[wpkg-users] Unable to install AutoCAD 2010 via WPKG

Damian Kasper dkasper at jw.org.au
Tue Apr 20 00:08:23 CEST 2010

That's right, since WPKG is essentially the same as SMS, some
applications need to use "SMS Mode" to install properly. We found this
to be the case with AutoCAD 2010 products... check the AutoCAD
Deployment help files, they are quite detailed and useful. I believe the
/W switch has something to do with "waiting" until all the other
dependencies are installed before returning the installation is

We use the workdir and %SOFTWARE% variable to make our "Install
Commands" more human-readable and not as long... WPKG Express allows you
to do this very simply... Cant imagine the pain in having to edit XML
files for our 300 hosts, 40 packages (some with 7 or more install
commands) and 30 profiles... Very easy to manage in a web interface.


Hi Mark,

On 19.04.2010 07:00, Mark Nienberg wrote:
> Interesting.  Can you explain what "SMS mode" is?  And what is the 
> workdir used for?

SMS refers to the Microsoft Systems Management Server. More information
can be found here

The workdir attribute is used by WPKG in order to switch the working
directory of the command to the specified folder. In this case it's used
in order to execute the installation binary within the setup source
folder and allows to specify relative paths to the INI file.

Just note that using the "%SOFTWARE%" variable within the workdir
attribute might not always work since UNC paths are not supported by all
installers/scripts/binaries as a working path. For example cmd.exe will
not accept an UNC working directory.


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