[wpkg-users] Excluding particular OS and architecture types from patch application

Marco Gaiarin gaio at sv.lnf.it
Thu Apr 29 09:55:09 CEST 2010

Mandi! Rainer Meier
  In chel di` si favelave...

> It's nice to ask giving the full power of unlimited flexibility to the user but...
> WPKG is already very flexible and powerful due to the fact that it allows you to
> execute any command and any script/tool in order to reach your goal, whatever it
> might be.

I perfectly agree with you.

For that i think that add to WPKG ''os detection code'' is the wrong way,
but here we are speaking about ''adding conditional execution/parsing''
of some XML node, that i think is more general and more WPKG-way... ;)

> I have no clue where this reluctance from writing scripts is coming from. Sure

Clearly, xenophobia. ;-)

I think that there's no need to ask why there's so much programming

In CMD i particulary hate to write exit codes conditions, while using ''one
<install /> line per command'' approach it is very easy.

> So for now I repeat again that I am thinking about OS version and architecture
> dependencies but for now please accept that you can do exactly the same using
> some simple CMD scripts. If you don't like it just don't use it, everyone else
> just uses the possibilities available and reaches the goal with low effort.

I'm deeply tighted to an 'XPsp3 32bit' environment and i will keep here
for at least two yers... so for me no problem at all. ;)

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