[wpkg-users] /sendStatus command not working

Damian Kasper dkasper at jw.org.au
Thu Feb 4 04:30:48 CET 2010

G'day All,
Just a small problem we're having with the WPKGClient, we are unable to
get it to display any status information from WPKG. It would be great if
it displays what WPKG is currently doing, rather than just alternating
between two messages... is this possible?
We are using the latest version of WPKG and the config.xml is set to
<param name='sendStatus' value='true' />
We are using WPKG Client version 1.3.9 and have the 'WPKG User
Interface' Show=ticked.
We have tried adding the /sendStatus switch to the Client 'WPKG
parameters'... E.G. /synchronize /debug /sendStatus (although I wouldn't
think you need the parameter if we have the .xml set)
We are deploying to Windows XP SP3 workstations....
Is there anything else we need? Does SP3 break it?
Thanks for all your help, WPKG is an amazing too!

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