[wpkg-users] /sendStatus command not working

Pendl Stefan stefan.pendl at haidlmair.at
Thu Feb 4 12:57:53 CET 2010

> G'day All,
> Just a small problem we're having with the WPKGClient, we are
> unable to
> get it to display any status information from WPKG. It would
> be great if
> it displays what WPKG is currently doing, rather than just alternating
> between two messages... is this possible?
> We are using the latest version of WPKG and the config.xml is set to
> <param name='sendStatus' value='true' />
> We are using WPKG Client version 1.3.9 and have the 'WPKG User
> Interface' Show=ticked.
> We have tried adding the /sendStatus switch to the Client 'WPKG
> parameters'... E.G. /synchronize /debug /sendStatus (although
> I wouldn't
> think you need the parameter if we have the .xml set)
> We are deploying to Windows XP SP3 workstations....
> Is there anything else we need? Does SP3 break it?

I do have over 100 Windows XP SP3 machines running WPKG client 1.3.9 with displaying status information.

I am using WPKG 1.1.3 latest RC, but this was working with 1.1.2 already.

I only enabled the setting in config.xml and use the default command line for the client settings.

I have showGUI disabled, since this is used for a different thing.

WPKG client executes at shutdown at my site, which reduces conflicts and complexity.


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