[wpkg-users] WPKG client service script error on clean install

Vasaris krx at takas.lt
Fri Feb 26 16:51:23 CET 2010


   For the start let me thank the developers and maintainers of this project, as it is very usefull. I am newbie here, therefore pardon for my incompetence.
   I have started depolyment of WPKG from scratch. If I understand correctlly, there are two separate modes of the execution - server-side based push-pull with AD/logon script, and client mode pull-only. I started with the first server-side mode. It functions correctly, and the wpkg.js from wpkg.bat runs OK, reads XML definitions, and deploys the packaged (at this time only timesych to test) OK, leaving the log file and Eventlog full with debug info.
   Yet, I have issue with the Client (1.3.9 32 bit) service error. It is logged in Windows Application log and is as follows:

 Event Id 1, Error, WpkgService, Script execution: failure. Exit code: 1. There are informative events before and after this one, but none of the indicate the problems.

   The service was deployed in the domain, with Active Directory IntelliMirror - msi package. There was issue, that MSI package deployment hanged in the "Installing WPKG..." screen interminentely, until workstation was rebooted. The issue was tracked down to the fact, that I did not use Orca MSI editor to add the config file location table record. After the transform with the record was added, and MSI package republished, the MSI install was a success.

   After this, I uploaded settings.xml file to the target workstation, which I have preprared and exported from the additional workstation, where WPKG client was installed manually. It is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<configuration><file>\\serveris\KATALOGAS\DOMAIN\DISTRIBUCIJA\WPKG\wpkg.js</file><net-use-machine-account>YES</net-use-machine-account><path-user></path-user><path-password></path-password><exec-user>SYSTEM</exec-user><exec-password></exec-password><parameters>/synchronize /debug</parameters><silent>YES</silent><pre-action></pre-action><post-action></post-action><show-GUI>YES</show-GUI><logon-delay>3</logon-delay><logon-message-title>WPKG Software Deployment</logon-message-title><logon-message-logo-picture></logon-message-logo-picture><logon-message-1>WPKG is installing applications and applying settings...</logon-message-1><logon-message-2>Please wait, don't restart or power off your computer...</logon-message-2><priority>below-normal</priority><stop-service-after-done>YES</stop-service-after-done><laptop-mode>YES</laptop-mode><server-connecting-method>standard</server-connecting-method><server-connecting-ip></server-connecting-ip><server-connecting-timeout>5</ser

The log file, created during clien service run, is as follows:

2010-02-26 17:39:46 -> Starting WPKG on startup
2010-02-26 17:39:46 -> Before create shared memory: successfuly done.
2010-02-26 17:39:46 -> Create shared memory: successfuly done.
2010-02-26 17:39:46 -> Set script security context: successfuly done.
2010-02-26 17:39:46 -> Starting script action execution
2010-02-26 17:39:48 -> Script action execution done.
2010-02-26 17:39:48 -> Script execution: failure. Exit code: 1
2010-02-26 17:39:48 -> Working done. Perform cleanup.
2010-02-26 17:39:48 -> Cleanup done.

It is the same to the Windows Eventlog.

I have unsuccessfully tried:

1. To change path to the script from UNC DFS-path to the UNC server path. I did not try mounted volume aproach, as I do know how to do that in the service execution context.
2. To restart serveral times.

When I try to run WPKG client on the other workstation with settings.xml loaded in the test mode, it runs dubiously:

Testing complete
2 - OK
1 - failed
5 - not tested
Action: Offline mode - connecting to
Result: [OK]
Action: Connecting to \\gravera.com\KATALOGAS\DOMAIN\DISTRIBUCIJA\WPKG\wpkg.js as 
Result: [FAILED]
Message: WNetAddConnection2-> Access is denied.
Action: Trying to read \\gravera.com\KATALOGAS\DOMAIN\DISTRIBUCIJA\WPKG\wpkg.js
Result: [OK]

- like if it tries to authenticate with some empty crediantials and then fails. There are no Failed Audit entries neither on the workstation, or the server, auditing is turned on for sure.

Please notice, that WPKG in server mode executes flawlessly. Yet it would be good to use client mode, to give info to the users, that something is happening, to give information.

Therefore, any help with the client problem would be super. I will be waiting for the reply.



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