[wpkg-users] WPKG client service script error on clean install

Vasaris krx at takas.lt
Fri Feb 26 19:32:20 CET 2010

Hi Rainer,

> Hi Vasaris,
> On 26.02.2010 16:51, Vasaris wrote:
> >    After this, I uploaded settings.xml file to the target workstation, which I have preprared and exported from the additional workstation, where WPKG client was installed manually. It is as follows:
> I hope you also imported the configuration into WPKG client on the second
> workstation.

Of course I did so. The second workstation was used to generate settings.xml, which was uploaded to the first one by deployment script, before WPKG client was installed.

> I see you're not using a path-user setting but instead the machine account.

Yes, I do so. I chose this, because I do want to use and deploy user account with the administrative priviles in the domain, as well as the password for that account. If it is possible to run under system account, in impersonated environment, I think, it is best solution.

> I personally never tried it but remember that there were some discussions that in
> certain cases it does not work properly. Tomasz can comment on this, he knows by
> heart I think.

That would be best. I do want to switch to dedicated user+password scenario, as it is less secure and has a weak point, if the password changes/expires, user account is disabled, or any other accident.

> I suggest you to try using a path-user ("DOMAINuser" notation) and password in
> order to use this user to connect to the specified share.

I can do that, but is this the only solution? If so, then I think, that I will fall back to the first mode - when Active Directory Startup script calls wpkg.bat, and this one calls wpkg.js, which in turn runs the deployment cycle. I will not use client in such case. This is because, if I understand the documentation correctly, then the client does not work in NT 6.0/6.1 - vista+w7.

> > 2010-02-26 17:39:46 -> Starting script action execution
> > 2010-02-26 17:39:48 -> Script action execution done.
> > 2010-02-26 17:39:48 -> Script execution: failure. Exit code: 1
> > 2010-02-26 17:39:48 -> Working done. Perform cleanup.
> > 2010-02-26 17:39:48 -> Cleanup done.
> This is a typical scheme shown when WPKG client fails to connect to the network
> share hosting wpkg.js.

Hmz. Maybe then it would be good idea to rewrite error handling routine to output failure indicating exact reason of the failure.

> I see you also added "/debug" to the WPKG parameters. I recommend you to use
> "/synchronize" only and control the debug level within config.xml. This will
> allow you to change it later without having to re-deploy a configuration update
> to your clients.

This is testing scenario, with only one isolated workstation. Of course in the production it will be changed back.



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